Riding the Coronavirus Coaster:

An Economic Outlook for 2021

We’ve gone virtual this year!

October 13th, 2020

We’ve gone virtual this year!

October 13th, 2020




About The Conference

2020 has been a year of unprecedented economic turbulence and painful civil unrest… and a rancorous presidential election is still on the way. What are the key takeaways from the past year’s trauma and what will 2021’s economy look like for the U.S., California, and the Inland Empire?


Will economic growth continue gaining momentum or are we about to plateau?


With some sectors recovering and some struggling to stay above water, how should policymakers steer increasingly limited Federal and state resources?


Will industry disruptions create ‘new normal’ or is a return to the old normal just a matter of time?


Will the results of the 2020 presidential election affect the economic recovery?


Will interest rates and inflation stay soft after the COVID recession ends?


How have the Inland Empire’s core industries been affected and what does their growth trajectory look like?

Featured Speakers


Center for Economic Forecasting & Development

U.S. & California Forecast


Research Manager
Center for Economic Forecasting & Development

Inland Empire Forecast


The Case of the Missing Homes:
A Conversation Moderated by Christopher Thornberg

Prior to the Great Recession, 50,000 new housing units were being permitted annually in the Inland Empire. Today, the number of permits being filed is just over one-fourth that amount despite the availability of thousands of build-ready lots. With labor force growth at its weakest point in years and unemployment at a record low level, the issue of housing scarcity is taking on an economic dimension not seen before in the Inland Empire. How can local leaders change the situation before it becomes a crisis? Two of California’s leading experts on housing policy and community development and transformation joined Christopher Thornberg for a revealing conversation about the IE’s housing scarcity challenge and ways to solve it.



Associate Professor, Urban Planning and Public Policy
UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs


President & CEO
National CORE


Event Emcee


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A digital 2020 Inland Empire Economic Forecast Conference Book, complete with data and graphics illustrating where major economic indicators are heading, will be available for download to all registrants.


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We've gone virtual this year!

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